Over the past 5 years, Alex has created thousands of social advertising campaigns that have produced Millions in revenue through his digital advertising agency Leading Light Media. To date they have managed £2.6 Million in Facebook Advertising campaigns alone. He's sold thousands of copies his books and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK. Alex has also coached, mentored and SME business owners allowing them to implement and profit from his cutting-edge online marketing strategies 
Alex Jenkins was brought up and exposed to the business world from an early age. His mother is a successful business women and has been running her business for the past 30 years. Whenever Alex was asked what he'd like to do a career, the answer always was "work with my Mum".  

He didn't know it at the time but all of his Mother's hard work and determination set the foundations for his career.  

One of Alex's first entrepreneurial ventures was buying cigarettes on holiday and brining them back to sell to his mates for a small profit.  

The desire to able to sell things for a profit was ingrained into his DNA. 

After dropping out from college, Alex knew he had to go out to work but the idea of working for someone else was not an option. 

After taking a short tiling course at 17 he set up his first business Alexander Tiling. He specialised in wall and floor tiling and managed to get featured on Channel 4 as the tiler for a renovation programme "You Deserve This House" presented by Amanda Lamb. 

He wish he knew all of the marketing and business secrets that he knows now when running that business.

After a serious illness Alex realised that working on the tools was not how he wanted to spend the next 30 years.  

Now was his opportunity to join Mum in the family business.

He soon realised that to grow any business you had to be a world-class marketer and exceptional at sales. 

Alex starting learning from the best business leaders and marketers in the world. This included joining masterminds, seeking mentors, attending events and taking any course he could get his hands on. 

Alison and Alex invested over £80,000 into their marketing and business knowledge. The skills and knowedlge Alex has aquied help to triple the business in 12 months. 

It was now to time to find a marketing agency to outsource the huge workload but Alex soon found a huge problem 
When it came to finding a marketing agency that actually knew how to run direct response advertising campaigns, Alex could not find one.  

So many agencies promised the world but didn't have the right expertise to back it up. We needed hard-core direct response marketing implemented to generate us a ROI as quickly as possible. 

The big agencies wanted to charge a ridiculous amount and their focus was all about brand awareness, something that doesn't have an immediate effect on the bottom line. 

Alex knew that their was a gap in the market to create an advertising agency that focussed purely on direct response advertising campaigns.  

Leading Light Media was born and is now one of the UK's leading Facebook Advertising Agencies managing millions of pounds worth of campaigns for clients all over the world.

He also knew he could share all of this knowledge and success in a book that could be read by any business owner in the world.  

"The Art Of Attraction Marketing" was published and has sold thousands of copies all over the world. 

Leading Light Media has clients all over the world and has run advertising campaigns for some of the biggest retailers in the UK.

Alex also enjoys speaking and coaching SME business owners who can immediately see the benefits of applying the cutting-edge strategies that he teaches.  
Alex enjoys anything that involves speed. It could be that he is flying through the air at 150mph training for his Private Pilots licence or riding his race bike around Snetterton race track.

He's played the drums since the age of 7 and played in a number of different bands in London. With music being his life passion he's recently started learning guitar. 

Alex is a passionate landscape photographer and loves visiting beautiful parts of the UK with this camera. His favourite place is Snowdonia in Wales for photography and hiking. 

Nothing beats getting up early and catching an epic sunrise and capturing an epic photograph. 

Learning and trying new skills is what makes Alex tick. 
The Proven Formula To Get New Leads and Customers Every Day
8 out of 10 businesses FAIL because they don't have a system in place to generate new leads and customers. Let's make sure your business is part of the 20% that doesn't!

This book will give you the formula you need to generate leads and customers every day!   
The Ultimate Guide To Running Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns
This book walks you through how you can use Facebook advertising in your business to generate more customers and make more profit.

The content of this guide has been made from managing over £1,000,000 in advertising spend over the last 6 months, we know what works and what doesn't.

This book is currently unavailable to the general public. If you would like a copy, please email Alex directly alex@leadinglightmedia.co.uk

Sales Funnels 
The 3 Core Sales Funnels Your Business Must Have and How They Work Together 
This quick and easy guide walks you through how you can stack these three core sales funnels in your business to transform the way you attract new customers forever.  

Every single one of your potential customers is out there just waiting to hear from you, but you can't sell to them without a sales funnel.

This book is currently unavailable to the general public. If you would like a copy, please email Alex directly alex@leadinglightmedia.co.uk
Growth Secrets
18 Top Business Growth Secrets
18 Top Business Growth Secrets you can apply to your business now to generate an immediate serge of customers and sales into your business. 

This quick and easy guide gives you strategies you can implement straight away. 

This book is currently unavailable to the general public. If you would like a copy, please email Alex directly alex@leadinglightmedia.co.uk
Leading Light Media
The UK's Leading Social Direct Response Advertising  Agency
We Help Businesses Create Reliable, Predictable and Sustainable Online Marketing Systems That Attract More
Customers Through Direct Response Social Advertising. 

We have a very strict application process and usually a waiting list of 1 month. The agency is for businesses who can invest at least £10,000 + into advertising campaigns. 

Email Alex directly alex@leadinglightmedia.co.uk
1-1 Coaching 
For Business Owners or Employees Who Want To Learn Alex's Secrets
Alex's 1-1 coaching programme is specifically for people who don't want to go down the agency route and want to learn these skills for themselves. 

This is direct 1-1 access to Alex and in-person mastermind once a year. This is by application only. 

Email Alex directly alex@leadinglightmedia.co.uk
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